Occupational Therapy Games

Occupational Therapy Games are games for occupational clinics therapists. An enriching toolbox for practitioners and occupational therapists. Occupational therapy games are an enriching toolbox that helps occupational therapy professionals in their work with people with functional impairment due to mental, cognitive or communication disabilities, to live independent lives in the family and society.

Games are one of the areas of practice for every child and child. Play is the basis for learning and practicing motor, cognitive, verbal, social and emotional skills. The game is usually driven by intrinsic motivation and is part of the expression of the child’s identity. Occupational clinics use the game as a diagnostic tool to test movement abilities, grip, use of objects, social abilities (interactions during a game), frustration threshold, understanding rules, understanding social situations and more.

Occupational Therapy Games are suitable for occupational therapy and physiotherapy, for those dealing with attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities. Many people with ADHD suffer from motor difficulties or coordination problems, balance problems, graphomotor difficulties and difficulties in hand-eye coordination. The occupational therapy games are designed to treat sensory regulation difficulties.

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