about levgames

levgames is an innovative venture for the development, production and marketing of therapeutic games and therapeutic cards for professionals in the field of care, therapy education, parents and families.

Therapeutic games and therapeutic cards are a creative toolbox for developing communication skills, life skills, emotional intelligence and social understanding.

Therapeutic games andtherapeutic cards have been developed out of an understanding and recognition of the growing need, with new tools of close, sensitive and genuine communication, and a new way of heart-to-heart discourse. Through the enjoyment of the game, a spontaneous process of learning and internalizing values ​​such as: positive thinking, listening, patience, honesty, friendship, empowerment and more is created.

levgames are used as therapeutic games for professionals in the therapeutic and educational field and as social games for quality family fun. A therapeutic game is a game that allows for therapeutic interventions, emotional exposure and a place for expression and communication and creates a safe and protected therapeutic space in the group and therapeutic work.

levgames is an initiative that produces sustainable change and socially affects many audiences: children at risk, professionals and the Arab sector. Seeing the good in every situation and in every person are values ​​that are expressed in each of the stages of the game and add another layer of spontaneous learning and unique experience. The colorful colors and the value and experiential character, attract the eye and the heart and add a touch of quality and uniqueness to play, enjoyment, learning and cooperation.

Types of games available on levgames website:
Therapeutic games, therapeutic cards and games for emotional regulation
Communication games and social skills
Games for attention and concentration, learning disabilities, special education
Games for communication clinicians and games for occupational therapy
Games and accessories for sensory regulation
Games for the whole family, games for yard activities – ODT
And many more.

Who are the games for?

For any person who wants to deepen the connection with his feelings and with his inner world.
Psychologists • Social workers • Occupational clinics • Communication clinicians • Therapists from various fields.
Teaching and education staff • Group facilitators • Organizational consultants • Coaches
Parents interested in acquiring tools and deepening the relationship with their children.

levgames also offers:

Enrichment workshops: “The game as a tool in the therapeutic toolbox” – for professionals in the field of therapy and education.
In-depth workshops: “Playing in the depths” – treating trauma through play, “boundaries“, restoring defense mechanisms, “losing and finding” – group coping with loss and complex life situations.
Creating games according to personal requirements and adapting to different topics.

The games are created by: Tal Zachrin and other partners.

Tal, social worker – MSW, specialist therapist in trauma – SEP, facilitator of groups and professional teams in the field of care, welfare and education.