Social Skills Games

Social skills games are unique and high-quality games designed for professionals who work with children in the field of social skills, understanding social situations, communication skills and more. Card and game sets designed to strengthen the social realm both at home and at school.

Social Skills Games were examined in research and proven to make significant contributions to the emotional realm, to the development of intrapersonal communication and empathy. Games for developing social skills increase curiosity, inner motivation and enjoyment. All of these contribute to the learning and internalization of the various social skills.

In the social realm, games contribute to the strengthening of social intelligence, the development of interpersonal communication, teamwork, self-regulation and emotional regulation, social learning and the experience of belonging.

At the cognitive level, games contribute to the acquisition of knowledge, its assimilation and the construction of new knowledge, to the development of the world of imagination, creativity and ingenuity, curiosity, research and critique, and to the acquisition of various skills that advance social goals.

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