Preschool and kindergarten games

Preschool and kindergarten games include games adapted for use by kindergarten teachers, kindergartens and childcare providers. Games and cards designed to enrich the toolbox of professionals working with preschoolers on issues of emotions, communication skills and more. Preschool and kindergarten games are a friendly, accessible and age-appropriate tool. The game has its own developmental contribution even when it does not have learning and it contributes greatly to normal development.

Play affects the motivation to go back, experiment and practice different skills. The pleasure caused by repeating the same skills is a factor that contributes to their establishment and formation. In the emotional realm, the sense of ability fortifies self-confidence and contributes to the quality of life of children.

Early childhood play allows the child to come into direct contact with his world and learn about him and him in a variety of ways. Early childhood play allows the child to experience and externally express his inner world and develop emotional understanding. The child can recreate and relive various events in his life when in contrast to the situation in reality, in the game he is the one who plans the operation and controls the events and their results. This allows him to deal more effectively with similar situations. In play, the child can express or release forbidden emotions, some of which are very aggressive, and repressed instincts, anxieties or internal conflicts such as: aggression, anger, frustration and fear. This maintains an emotional balance.

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