levgames home brands

levgames home brands Includes a rich, unique and very high quality toolbox that includes a wide range of therapeutic games and therapeutic cards for therapists, educators, parents and families.

levgames home brands include the following games: Journey to the heart, sentences from the heart, The Emoshis, words from the heart, Lead the sheep, depths, from three coming out one, what going on here? Play yoga, healing keyset.

levgames is a company that develops, manufactures and markets new tools of communication, life skills, emotional intelligence and social understanding. This rich toolbox includes a rich variety of board games and therapeutic cards, allowing children and adults to understand thoughts, communicate emotions, develop awareness, curiosity and openness.

Therapeutic games and cards have been developed out of an understanding and recognition of the growing need for new tools of close, sensitive and genuine communication, and a new way of respectful discourse. Through the enjoyment of the game, a spontaneous process of learning and internalizing values ​​such as: positive thinking, listening, patience, honesty, friendship, empowerment and more is created. The range of games offered is used as a tool for professionals in the therapeutic and educational field and as social games for quality family fun.

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