Games for Schools

Games for Schools. Unique and high-quality games to strengthen the connection between the student and the teacher and the teen hours. Educational games for schools and therapeutic games for counselors and caregivers who work with school-age children.

Games for Schools designed for counselors, teachers, special education teachers, integration teachers and more. There are those who tend to associate the learning process while playing with kindergarten only. At school students continue to play almost exclusively during breaks. Although there is a vital and liberating respite in the yard games during the break that helps concentration and meeting tasks, it must not be forgotten that the deep meaning of the game is first and foremost the assimilation of learning processes in an experiential and fun way. In the last decade a large number of schools have been operating out of this understanding and integrating games as a powerful tool for leveraging educational and learning goals. School games provide a broad response to the development of a wide range of learning skills, from memorization and repetition to the exploration and review and development of social, communication and emotional skills. The school games offered in this category are suitable for different ages from elementary school to middle school and high school and to the different needs of each age and gender. Representatives of games at heart can be assisted to tailor the games to the special needs of each school.

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