games for language therapists

games for language therapists include a diverse toolbox that includes therapeutic games, therapeutic cards and various therapeutic accessories. All tools are designed for therapists, professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with communication and language disabilities.

games for language therapists and clinicians include a variety of language games that aim to make the therapeutic process fun and enjoyable.

The games allow communication therapists, clinicians, educators and also parents to work with the children more easily and with great pleasure. In kindergarten, at school, in care and at home.

Communication clinicians have a paramedical profession, which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with various impairments in personal communication, including impairments in speech, comprehension or expression of spoken language, impairments in nonverbal communication and reading and writing impairments.

Communication clinicians also deal with parental guidance in the areas of early childhood hearing and language development. Many of them are involved in early detection and intervention in hearing and language difficulties, in order to reduce future learning difficulties and professional and social functioning.

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