Family Therapy Games

Family Therapy Games Includes a wide range of therapeutic games and therapeutic cards that are focused on strengthening the best communication in the family. Family therapy, also known as couple and family therapy or systemic family therapy, is a branch of psychotherapy designed to work with families and spouses who are in a relationship, with the goal of creating change or development in the relationship.

Because family therapy tends to see changes in the family in terms of relationships between family members, Nitzan understands the importance of developing and adapting unique and creative tools to this therapeutic space. Family therapy emphasizes family relationships as a major factor in a person’s mental health, so it is important to work on these skills and the tools offered here can enrich the options available to family therapists. Family therapists believe that the involvement of the family in dealing with and solving difficulties and problems is most beneficial, even if the source of the problem is attributed only to one of the family members and is perceived as a personal problem for him. Therefore, through couple therapy games the family can experience a different variety of roles and experiences.

These experiences of the family can be achieved through the direct participation of all its members in family therapy games. The family therapist assists them during the sessions and tries to influence the conduct of the conversations so that they reveal and increase the strengths, insights and mutual support of the family system. The therapist also offers a variety of different skills such as family therapy through games.

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