Emotional regulation games

Emotional regulation games are an effective and recommended tool for treating children and adolescents, and they can bring about changes, both at the level of awareness and at the behavioral level, in a relatively short time. The purpose of the games for emotional regulation is to give children simple tools to cope well with life’s challenges and help them develop their abilities in the best way. The concept of emotional regulation refers to processes and strategies through which a person recognizes and understands his emotions, manages their timing, their intensity, the way they experience and express themselves. The emotional regulation mechanism is an expression of an individual’s ability to inhibit inappropriate behaviors associated with emotional flooding. This process includes the ability to organize for deliberate action, the ability to self-calm and the ability to focus attention on important content, despite the intensity of the emotional experience. Many studies around the world have found that a high percentage of children and adolescents have difficulty regulating emotions. These difficulties can impair the child’s functioning in various areas such as in the academic field, in the social field and even in the cognitive field. These difficulties usually do not resolve on their own and may even worsen as the problem appears at an early age and younger. Emotional regulation games can help in many situations, including: social difficulties, learning disabilities, emotional problems (anxiety, fears, anger, depression), emotional regulation, problems Behavior and more.

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