Communication and Life Skills Games

Communication and Life Skills Games are unique and high-quality games designed for therapists who work with children in the areas of social skills, life skills, understanding social situations, communication skills and more.

Communication and Life Skills Games contribute to practicing teamwork, and strengthening social intelligence. In addition, the game contributes to the acquisition of knowledge and creation, its assimilation and the construction of new knowledge, to the development of the world of imagination, creativity and ingenuity.

Communication and Life Skills Games are defined as skills that a person uses in order to interact and communicate with others. These skills include persuasion skills, effective listening, skill and leadership, the ability to solve problems and effective thinking. The term is often used in the context of economic or business managerial functions, and refers to a measure of a person’s ability and performance from the point of view of his social communication and interaction with others within the organization in which he works.

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