CBT Games

CBT games are therapeutic games that combine a therapeutic approach called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the game space, which is expressed through board games, board games, card games, social games and other games. CBT games are a category that includes a wide range of games in the cognitive behavioral therapy approach – CBT and are designed to accompany therapeutic processes with children, adolescents and families in an individual, dyadic, family or group meeting. CBT games are actually creative tools for professionals working in the CBT approach. Cognitive-behavioral play CBT can contribute to a variety of emotional problems and difficulties that appear in various situations throughout life. The CBT Games Therapy Method – A cognitive-behavioral game provides tools and coping solutions in a creative and fun way. Underlying CBT cognitive behavioral therapy is a focus on situations, emotions, and behavioral patterns that cause children and adults to have difficulty functioning, have anxiety attacks, or any other response that limits normative behavior. The purpose of cognitive-behavioral play – CBT is to expand, identify, enrich and develop awareness of the general and personal range of emotions of each and every child, including opposite and opposite emotions. Studies show that children and people who are better at recognizing emotions have been found to be more open, more curious, more conscientious and more empathetic. The games develop emotional intelligence and train different social skills.

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