Adolescent Social Games

Adolescent Social Games include a toolbox of various board games and card games.
Therapeutic games and therapeutic cards, focused on adolescence, challenges and common needs.
In adolescence, conflicts and quarrels are almost inevitable, especially when it comes to close relationships, and it is important to know how to resolve them out of mutual respect and consideration for the differences of others. Therapeutic games for teens allow for space to practice these skills without fear of consequences. In adolescence, conflicts and quarrels intensify greatly. This is a very important developmental stage. Therefore, social games for adolescents and therapeutic cards are a powerful and important tool that allows the creation of a creative bridge both for professionals and within the family itself.
Adolescence is a challenging time not only for parents but especially for teens. The therapeutic games for teenagers allow girls and boys to be at the same time the all-knowing adult, and at the same time to remain still a child, to play and have fun. All this in a safe and unique space created while playing and adapted to the youth.

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