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Family Quality Time games
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Family Quality Time games – Go Dream


Family Quality Time games-Go Dream

The perfect game for Family Quality Time!

למה לקוחות קונים אצלנו?

  • קנייה מאובטחת ושירות לקוחות מקצועי
  • מוניטין וניסיון של מעל 20 שנה
  • שירות משלוחים לכל הארץ
מוצרים איכותיים
משלוח מהיר
תשלום מאובטח

יש לך חברים שאוהבים לשחק? שתפ/י

קניה בטוחה

Family Quality Time games – Go Dream

The Family Quality Time games – Go Dream is highly recommended by The Israeli “Adler Institute” of parenting and won The Institute’s seal of approval. The Adler Institute is the most popular parenting guidance institute in Israel.

“Meet Choco the Elephant, Marshmallow the Cat, and Toffee the Monkey, who invite you, children and parents, to share, listen, laugh, relax, and even dream together…”

How to play:

The Family Quality Time games-Go Dream is based on the rules of the classic “Go Fish” children’s card game, with a unique and fun added value: Each time a player wants to get a card from another player he/she answers the question on the card.

In the box:

30 Designed question cards

Game instructions

Tips for the parents

Ages: 3-7

No. of Players: +2

Emotional Intelligence games – dreams&ladder enables the development of Emotional Intelligence through positive communications.
Popular Games – The Entertaining and Stimulating content is introduced within traditional, well-known and loved children’s games.
Broad Appeal – Every child and parent will enjoy and collect great value from playing DreamBow games – according to their understanding and willingness.

Transforms family quality time into an enriching, connecting experience.
Offers great added value within the most popular children games. Were developed with a Child Psychologist.
Are recommended by the Israeli Adler Institute of Parenting.
Provides great value for money.
Introduce three inspirational characters, which guide, connect and ease individual association.

The foundation for communication skills and Emotional Intelligence is created between the ages 3 to 7. This is where the value delivered by DreamBow’s innovative games becomes essential. Today’s fast-paced, technology driven life offers both adults and children new wonderful interactive possibilities. Along with all the benefits of this, there are times when we need to step back and look, share, listen and connect to each other.

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