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Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
עולם הקלפים של איציק שמילוביץ zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards zoom
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
עולם הקלפים של איציק שמילוביץ
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards
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Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards


Games at heart are happy to offer our customers the Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards.

You can read here about a rich selection of different and varied therapeutic card sets.

The therapeutic cards enable the enrichment of the professional and personal toolbox.

You can get a quote over the phone or through the virtual chat.

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Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards

Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards kits are powerful tools for the active and creative stimulation of therapeutic communication under therapeutic circumstances.

The therapeutic card sets cards serve as a safe bridge to walk on together. cards for Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, emotion cards, projection cards, group facilitation cards, Reflection Cards as an Opening Circle Activity, and more

Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards are designed for professional therapists, psychologists, coaches, social workers, counselors, organizational consultants, mentors, trainers, family and couple consultants, pedagogic staff, learning disability teachers, and all other personal empowerment, personal development, and mental health specialists, working with all age ranges: from young children to adults and seniors.

Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards can also be used at home for stimulation of creative communication between parents and children, couples, friends, etc., as well as for entertainment and social games, individually, in couples or groups.

To purchase Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards, You can receive a quote by phone, via the virtual chat, or via a quote form.

A brief explanation of the therapeutic card sets from Itzikcards Professional Emotional Cards:

Mentoring – a variety of questions concerning the major issues of our lives. Questions that open way in and out: 159 NIS.

The healer in me cards – a connection to the inner healing power: 159 NIS.

Pelebi cards – I don’t really understand what they want from me, why does everything get mixed up? Why can they do stuff and I can’t?: 199 NIS.

On-Stage Acting in the Theater of Life – Lift up the curtains in the theater of life. Meet the lead actor, supporting actors, creative writer, and your internal director: 159 NIS.

Neriya cards – A Feminine Journey of Lessons and Opportunities
Neriya cards kit includes 78 beautifully illustrated cards, and suggestions for creative and effective awareness and therapeutic work: 159 NIS.

Prizma Observe, Choose, Change We all see the same world, yet each person views this world through different lenses, whether inherited or self-chosen. Which are your core lenses? How do they impact the way you experience your world? How do they impact the way the world views you? : 159 NIS.

Yes, No & Angel – Recomposing the Melody of Your Life: 159 NIS.

Merlin Ways of Wisdom – Straying amidst optional life paths, we are all eager to uncover our special ways of wisdom through which we can find our calling, and fulfill our utmost expectations of life: 159 NIS.

Merlin Cards – Merlin Message and Insights: 159 NIS.

Merlin Cards The Journey – A fascinating encounter with the hidden and visible forces in the universe: 159 NIS.

Merlin The Magic Way  – The Magic Way invites us to a celebration of countless encounters between sentences supporting the path and pictures arousing inspiration: 179 NIS.

This is my Path – a wealth of paths, which represent the inner and outer movement in the various areas of our lives: 179 NIS.

Focus The Coach in You Out there somewhere there is a road no man or woman has yet taken. It is your road. Focus cards kit offers you an invitation to find it: 159 NIS.

Steps Shoes, Hats, and In-between The shoes that bear us, the hats that define us, and the roles we take upon ourselves in life; all constitute the main theme offered by Steps cards kit: 189 NIS.

Is it true that you were told that – Parents children and what in between, create close communication: 179 NIS.

Anima cards – The woman story: 179 NIS.

Animal Children and Animal WisdomEmbark on a journey of bonding with Animal Cards.: 179 NIS.

Sesame A Gate to Your Inner Magic Sesame cards kit opens a gate to a marvelous and ancient treasure cave: our soul. : 179 NIS.

Duet Mirrors of Love The deepest mirror you will ever look into is the person standing in front of you: 229 NIS.

Anibi Inner Child Hebrew –The Healing Power of Childhood Memories: 229 NIS.

Spectra Reflections of Relationships- features a unique and calculated mix of messages and colorful illustrations: 229 NIS.

The Consultant and the Tree – The development of trees in nature are similar to the development of people and organizations. As no two trees are identical, thus to no two individuals or organizations are identical: 229 NIS.

MiBi Cards – Masks, Mirrors & Beyond – There are characters inside us who we encounter daily, and there are those whom we have never met: 179 NIS.

The Dolphin Within Me – invites us to a fascinating and enriching experiential and learning journey where we will be able to meet the dolphin, the shark, and the goldfish inside of us, on a journey to inner peace: 199 NIS.

Dragons fairies and wonders – A space of magic and adventure: 179 NIS.

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Anibi Inner Child, Duet Mirrors of Love, Focus The Coach in You, Merlin Message and Insight, Merlin The Magic Way, Merlin The Voyage with word, Merlin The Voyage without word, Merlin Ways of Wisdom, Pelebi cards, Spectra Reflections of Relationships, Yes, No & Angel, אנימה, אנימל, הדולפין שבתוכי, המרפא שבי, זו דרכי, יועץ ועץ, מי בי, מנטורי, נכון שאמרו לך ש, נריה, סטפס, ססמי, על הבמה, פיות ודרקונים


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