Sensory regulation games

Sensory regulation games Includes a rich variety of tools and accessories for treating difficulties in sensory regulation. These accessories are intended for therapists who work in the field of sensory regulation and difficulties in sensory processing. Also recommended for learning disabilities and ADHD.
Sensory regulation games and accessories help reduce unnecessary stress and allow better concentration. The sensory regulation accessories are quiet, suitable for use in class, while preparing homework, in waiting rooms, in the car, and in general wherever there should be no multiple movement and listening.
Sensory processing is a neurological process that organizes the the person’s own body sensations and its environment. Sensory regulation is a stage in the process of processing sensory information and refers to the physiological and behavioral responses of the individual whose role is to reduce or increase neural activity, in order to maintain a balanced state in the central nervous system.
Children with sensory regulation difficulties suffer from many social, academic, emotional and behavioral impairments. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to practice sensory processing from as young an age as possible and sensory regulation skills can be promoted through various accessories designed for this. Sensory regulation accessories are suitable for all ages and genders and provide relief and training in basic and important skills. Accessories for fine motor skills and occupational therapy.

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