Foxmind Thinking Games

Foxmind Thinking Games include a large and high quality range of selected social games from different fields: card games and board games, thinking games, strategy games, games for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, games for practicing speed of retrieval and reaction speed, games to improve discernment, thinking Visual, language development, games for attention and concentration, impulsive regulation and more.

The range of games from Foxmind Thinking Games are fun and challenging games that can be played together, in the family, with friends and they allow personal and quality time to practice learning, concentration and a deeper understanding of cognitive processes along with fun and enjoyment.

Foxmind Thinking Games are very high quality thinking games designed both for professionals from various fields such as communication clinicians, educators, occupational clinics, coaches, child caregivers and more, and as fun and challenging games for the whole family. The challenges in games add a lot to the experience of enjoyment and learning through these games.

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