Educational Games

Educational Games for educators, teachers, special education teachers. Educational games, didactic games, a rich toolbox that includes various games and a wide variety of cards. The educational games allow learning in an indirect way and in a safe space that provides an opportunity to practice and train with the intention of the game, without paying attention to the amount of tasks required and the various challenges that accompany it. The involvement and discourse on the course of the game deepens the understanding of the child and the caregiver about the difficulties and strengths of the child. Competition, when it exists in the right measure, that is, to the extent that it allows for curiosity but does not arouse too much anxiety, encourages creative thinking about the challenges of the game. Luck in some games allows for an experience of mutual equality between the participants, so that a child who has difficulty in a particular area can beat another child or even the caregiver or teacher. Therefore, didactic and educational games are a powerful tool for educators and promote learning in a fun space that encourages a healthy and free presence.

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